10:15 AM to 1:30 PM


Competitors will have two attempts to successfully complete each obstacle. Team members will work together to complete all obstacles. Competitors will not begin an obstacle until both team members are at that obstacle. Competitors must start every obstacle within 30 seconds of completing the previous obstacle. If a competitor does not correctly complete an obstacle on his first attempt, he will move to the start of the obstacle. Competitors will have a maximum of 30 seconds from the time of failure to reattempt each failed obstacle. Graders will mark any unsuccessful attempt of an obstacle on the grade sheet. After the second attempt, any team member who fails to complete an obstacle will be assessed a time penalty. Competitors will run from one obstacle to the next.

Competitors will begin at the start point and will start on the command of “GO”. Competitors will run to BLDG 6 and climb up the fixed stairs until they reach the rooftop. At the roof top they will secure a SKEDCO. Competitors will drag or carry the SKEDCO along a designated route through BLDG 6, BLDG 2B and over two walls. They will stop dragging or carrying the SKEDCO once they reach the blue line marked on the ground, and will continue the obstacle course.

Competitors, one at a time, will climb the caving ladder to the top of BLDG 12B and rope traverse from BLDG 12B to BLDG 12C and climb a knotted rope down.

Competitors will then, one at a time, climb the second caving ladder onto the top of BLDG 12D. They will then jump off the top of BLDG 12D onto crash mats.

Competitors will then secure a weighted litter and carry it to the finish line.