Traveling to the Best Ranger Competition this year?  Fort Benning is a closed post/installation requiring a background check for entry.  However, if things work like they have in the past, Fort Benning will declare Best Ranger Competition as a special event allowing entry through the 8th Division Road (Harmony Church) entrance during the dates of the comp with ID and registration.  This will allow you swift access to the competition.  We will provide updated access information as it becomes available.

At this date in time, plan to enter Fort Benning through it's main access point (I185) and stop at the visitor's center. They will require photo ID and registration.  They will ask about your purpose for visiting the installation and will issue you a pass. (Benning gate information)

To help our guests navigate the competition we plan to provide event maps, both digital and paper, that everyone can use and find all Best Ranger event site locations while you are on ground at Fort Benning.  We are not able to provide these maps too far in advance  because of our close hold on competition specifics.  We have provided you a map to get out to the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade below.  Let Candyss Bryant or Travis Pheanis know if you have any questions (