11:15 AM to 2:30 PM 


Competitors will load the UH-60 located at the designated PZ. Two teams will load each aircraft and will take all commands from the FRIES master. Not doing so will lead to that team being disqualified from the event. If either roper fails to exit the aircraft on the command of “GO” from the FRIES master, that team will be disqualified from BRC.

Time for the event starts when the second roper makes contact with the ground. In the event there is no aircraft, competitors will stay in the holding area until they are led to the start point by cadre.

Once both competitors are on the ground they will move to the sling load and begin relocating the equipment to the designated drop off point. Once the sling load has been completely relocated, the competitors will sprint across the finish line. The team’s time will stop when the last member of each team crosses the finish line. 

Competitors will wear BRC uniform, MOLLE rucksack with BRC packing list, weapon, FLC, and must wear their ACH and rappelling gloves in the aircraft.