6:15 AM to 8:00 AM


Competitors must complete the run without any physical help from other teams.  Following the Opening Ceremony, all competitors will line up behind the starting line. On the command ‘GO’, the clock will start. Competitors are being tested on their ability to complete the unknown distance course in the shortest time possible. Although walking is authorized, it is strongly discouraged. If competitors leave the designated running course for any reason, they will be disqualified. Competitors will take all running course directions from pre-designated marked checkpoints where an official grader will be positioned along the course. Competitors must also stay on the right side of the road throughout the entire course unless a grading official at a marked checkpoint tells them otherwise.  Physical contact with other competitors or attempting to hinder other competitors is unauthorized. For example, competitors cannot run in such a manner that would force another team to leave the designated course.

Upon returning to the combatives pit at Camp Rogers, competitors will secure their equipment and proceed along the designated course. This is not an individual event, time stops when both team members cross the finish line and wait at this position for further instruction.