6:30 PM to 3:00 AM 


At the start point you will be given a map, protractor, pencil, and score sheet.  You will not look at the map or score sheet until after start time.  All teams will start at the same time. Each point will have a numerical value. You must obtain the minimum amount of points (50 points) and finish the course within the 9 hour time limit to continue the competition. Maintain situational awareness throughout the course.

During this event your team must remain within 20 meters of one another on the designated course. Stay within the boundaries of the course. The use of HWY 135 and HWY 137 are unauthorized. The boundary roads are RTE Gold (West), RTE Purple(South), RTE Orange (East), and RTE Brown (North). All internal roads can be used, with the exception of HWY 137.  While executing the event no team will communicate (verbal and nonverbal), navigate, or assist any other team in any way. You will not move or work within 10 meters of another team. If you arrive at a point and a team is already there you will wait until they are finished and moved out before approaching the point. Maintain all assigned equipment throughout the event. Ensure your DSTARS Vest is on at all times. Use of white or red lens flashlights for navigation or to find points is not authorized. You may use a red lens flashlight while at each point for the purpose checking in and determining route to next point. Red lens flashlights are also authorized for map checks in route to next point. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in a 15 point penalty.

At each point you will sign in and check in with the cadre at the point. You have nine hours to find as many points as possible. Teams who fail to find a minimum value of 50 points or fail to report in to the finish point located at Camp Darby by the drop dead time will be disqualified.

No competitor will be allowed to communicate with coaches or civilians before or during the Orienteering Course.  Each point can be identified by an orange VS–17 panel and a chemlight bundle.  5-gallon water jugs will be at each point.  Cadre members will be roving from point to point to make sure teams are not violating the standards. There will be designated water points on the course for the competitors.

Upon completion of the Night Orienteering Course all teams will conduct a layout of their equipment at Camp Darby.  Failure to have all items on the BRC packing list will result in zero points for the event.

If your team cannot complete the Land Navigation Course within the nine hour time limit, you will use your radio on RTBN CMD NET to call the Land Navigation PI/API, who will then dispatch the roving vehicle to pick-up your team.  Continue moving toward Camp Darby using any major road. You must stay within the course boundaries at all times. In case of an emergency, call orienteering PI on the radio.