Access to Fort Benning

Traveling to the Best Ranger Competition this year?  Fort Benning has recently transitioned into a closed post/installation requiring a background check for entry.  We have provided you downloadable instructions on how to apply in advance for an installation pass.  If you are unable to get your pass in advance simply allocate plenty of time to sit through the process at the main gate when you arrive on post.  In addition to access pass instructions we have provided you a map to get out to the Ranger Training Brigade.  Let Candyss Bryant know if you have any questions ( 


Fort Benning access pass instructions


Map to Ranger Training Brigade

Best Ranger Competition is a Family Affair

People ask why the Best Ranger Competition is special.  

The magic of the Best Ranger Competition starts with the raw competition between tactically proficient Ranger qualified service members and continues with the entire community coming together and rallying behind them.  The Best Ranger Competition is a celebration of our Army's most proficient and lethal force.  The competition would not be the same if any element of the community was missing.  

The National Ranger Association works to help bring this community together in honor of these modern day marvels. The time spent at Benning provides most the opportunity to take a knee and enjoy the camaraderie.  It is a time to network, a time to learn, a time to share ideas and a time to grow. 

The Best Ranger Competition is more than a competition.  It is a package that others strive to emulate and always fall short.  

Thank you for being a part of the Best Ranger Competition mystique. 

Best Ranger 2014 Results

Another great year of events and pure Ranger performance.  This year the winning team was TEAM #20 from the 25th Infantry Division

2LT Michael Rose, 2LT John Bergman

If you want to see full photos of all the Competition, they are available on the Fort Benning Website that is located here.


2nd Place - CPT Robert Killian, 1LT Nicholas Plocar - National Guard
3rd Place - SSG Christopher Brousard, SFC Charles Cogle - 75th Ranger Regiment
4th Place - SFC Justin Glaubitz, SSG Kelly Davis - 75th Ranger Regiment

You can download the FULL LIST OF RESULTS HERE.

Best Ranger Icebreaker

Once again ROCKY Brands sponsors the 2014 Icebreaker to the Best Ranger Competition. This year's icebreaker is a ticketed event and will be held at the recently renovated Cannon Brew Pub in downtown Columbus, GA.  Country music entertainer and RANGER veteran Brandon Holden will be playing for the crowd. For more information contact Candyss Bryant at 706-718-9520 or  

Supporters for 2014

The National Ranger Association raises funds each year to support events surrounding the Best Ranger Competition, The Ranger Hall of Fame and the Distinguished Member of the Brigade.  We have some of the best and most loyal supporters, friend and family members.  Individuals, small businesses, large companies and charitable entities all come together to support this community and build camaraderie all while watching their legacy compete in one of the most grueling and intriguing endurance events out there. Our supporters are the best.  Thank you!!!

Teams Train for 2014 Competition


Here's excerpts from a recent article in Bayonet & Saber about teams training for the 2014 Best Ranger Competition.

Soldiers from across the country traveled to the National Guard Warrior Training Center at Fort Benning last week with their eyes set on a spot to compete in the 2014 Best Ranger Competition.

The 22 Soldiers from 13 states competed for nine open slots Nov. 20 to participate in the competition next spring. John Burns, assistant operations officer for WTC, said although the event offers limited slots for National Guard participation, he saw an increased turnout compared to last year.