Best Ranger Competition is a Family Affair

People ask why the Best Ranger Competition is special.  

The magic of the Best Ranger Competition starts with the raw competition between tactically proficient Ranger qualified service members and continues with the entire community coming together and rallying behind them.  The Best Ranger Competition is a celebration of our Army's most proficient and lethal force.  The competition would not be the same if any element of the community was missing.  

The National Ranger Association works to help bring this community together in honor of these modern day marvels. The time spent at Benning provides most the opportunity to take a knee and enjoy the camaraderie.  It is a time to network, a time to learn, a time to share ideas and a time to grow. 

The Best Ranger Competition is more than a competition.  It is a package that others strive to emulate and always fall short.  

Thank you for being a part of the Best Ranger Competition mystique.