Best Ranger Competition Event Schedule

Best Ranger Sequence of Events

Please note that the schedule below is subject to change based on the Competition layout for events this year.  Because many of the events and the timing are only posted just before the Competition start, please be as flexible as possible with your planning.

MCoE Directions - Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade

Thursday, April 6
1000 Distinguished Member of the BrigadeRanger Hall of Fame (invitation only)
Ranger Scholarship Fund Gold TournamentMaplewood Golf Course
Friday, April 7
0600 Start of Best Ranger CompetitionCamp Rogers
IcebreakerCamp Rogers
Saturday, April 8
Ongoing Competition Events
Approx 1000 Day StakesTodd Field
1730 Donor SocialRanger Hall of Fame (Invitation Only)
Sunday, April 9
End of the CompetitionTBD
Super SupperCamp Rogers
Monday, April 10
1000 Awards CeremonyMarshall Auditorium

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