11:30 AM to 2:30 PM


Log-walk/rope-drop: Upon the command of “GO,” you will climb to the top of the log walk and negotiate the step obstacle.  At the end of the log, you will mount the rope.  You may negotiate the rope obstacle on the top or bottom, and with either your feet or head first. You must touch the Ranger tab with any part of your body. As soon as you touch the tab, you will drop into the water. You will climb out of the water using the near ladder, pick up a pulley, and cross the start/finish line enroute to the 75 foot tower. When competitor # 1 crosses the start/finish line, competitor # 2 will begin the log walk/rope drop. If you fall off the log, fail to touch the tab, or fall off the rope, you will make a second attempt. If you fall off the log, fail to touch the tab, or fall off the rope a second time your team will not be awarded points.

Suspension-traverse: When you get to the 75 foot tower you will climb to the top while carrying your pulley. Once you get to the top, a pulley will be hooked up for you to execute the suspension-traverse. You will begin sliding down the cable and enter the water when you deem necessary. If you fall from the pulley, you will swim to the ladder at the end of the cable and exit the water, your time will continue to run. Competitor two may not slide down the suspension traverse until competitor one is out of the water with both feet on the ground. Your team’s time will end once the second man completes the suspension-traverse and crosses the finish line.