9:15 AM to 12:00 PM


Competitors will remain in the holding area.  Do not leave it unless told to do so by a cadre member.  Competitors will begin this event in the order in which they finished the Malvesti Confidence Course.  Competitors will receive five minutes to prep and then will immediately be moved to the Start Point.  A one minute gap will be between team start times. Teams will start running along a marked route.  Teams will not leave the designated course unless for a medical emergency.  Water will be available along the route.  A combination of gold rope, engineer tape, and RI checkpoints will guide teams along a route across various types of terrain. Teams will remain on the right side and within five meters of the engineer tape when conducting the cross-country portion of the buddy run. Time stops when the last competitor crosses the finish line. Competitor ranking will be determined by the time to complete the event.